Hakuna Matata Children’s Fruit and Veggie Chewable Multivitamins were developed after Dr. Tim Maggs, a chiropractor in Schenectady, NY, realized that the recognized brands of children’s vitamins were not very good. He came to this realization after numerous conversation with his patients that had children, other chiropractors and by doing a great deal of research on what is in or is not in these nationally known brands. All of these people felt that what was available to them was not what they wanted for their children in a vitamin; they wanted natural ingredients and it had to taste good.

After a long search Dr. Maggs and his two partners contracted with Garden State Nutritionals in West Caldwell, NJ, to develop a vitamin formula that was superior to what was on the market. The result was Hakuna Matata Vitamins. What makes this vitamin different is its inclusion of fruits and vegetables along with the daily-recommended amount of vitamins and minerals. The vitamins are all natural ingredients and are also gluten free. The best part is that we know from taste tests that kids love them.

The unusual name, Hakuna Matata, came from a Kenyan running team that Dr. Maggs brought to Schenectady in the 1990’s to compete in marathons. He would hear them repeatedly say, Hakuna Matata. They told him it meant “No Worries.” That is how parents should feel when they give their children Hakuna Matata Vitamins, "No Worries."

For years, Hakuna Matata Vitamins were only available at chiropractors’ offices. The partners in Hakuna Matata Vitamins decided that they should be made available to a much broader market. They started Healthy Pride Supplements to handle all sales and distribution. Hakuna Matata Vitamins are now available at grocery stores, locally owned pharmacies, Amazon.com and this web site.

View the results of an independent survey of 101 children’s vitamins. Hakuna Matata out ranked the nationally known brands by a considerable amount!

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All Natural • No Preservatives • Gluten Free • Hypoallergenic • Made from fruits and veggies!