Hakuna Matata Children's Chewable Fruit and Veggie Multivitamins - Gluten, wheat and egg free
Hakuna Matata Children's Chewable Fruit and Veggie Multivitamins - Gluten, wheat and egg free
Hakuna Matata Children's Chewable Fruit and Veggie Multivitamins - Gluten, wheat and egg free

Reviews and Testimonials

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Dr. Wayne Myers, Pharm., D. Recommends Hakuna Matata:
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Celiac Family Review:

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Elaine Lee, Muskego, WI

I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful product. My daughter has been taking Flintstones My First Vitamin for a couple months, which I thought were harmless. She's been complaining of stomach aches almost every day for the last 2-3 months. I recently learned Sorbitol - a sugar alcohol added to lots of things, including Flintstones Vitamins, can cause people gastrointestinal problems. When I realized this was in the vitamin I'd been feeding her I tossed the rest of the jar out and went looking for something better. Fortunately I found your site (linked to by someone's blog). I ordered the vitamins, hoping my daughter wouldn't reject them - she's rejected vitamins in the past. But she loved them!

And guess what. No more tummy aches. She hasn't complained of one since we changed vitamins.

I've written this on my own personal blog - hopefully it will lead others to you. Please feel free to use this email as a testimonial on your website or otherwise. You have a great product, and I'm so grateful to you!

Bridget Seeger, Stephentown, NY

I am writing this testimony for Hakuna Matata Vitamins. My daughter who turned 11 in February of 2009 has been taking them for two years. We had used some of the better known brands and she never liked the taste of them. We were on vacation in the Carolinas and were in a pharmacy and noticed Hakuna Matata Vitamins. I inquired about them to the Pharmacist, who highly recommended them because they have more of the ingredients that make a great vitamin and they have no artificial ingredients. The vitamins were a hit with my daughter. Within the last two years I have noticed a reduction in colds with my daughter and she has missed only one day of school due to illness. My daughter and I like Hakuna Matata Vitamins very much and would recommend them to any parent who is looking to keep their child healthy.

Mariann McBride, Schenectady, NY

Hakuna Matata Vitamins were introduced to me a year ago, while visiting a friend. My daughter is four and has Celiac disease.I had all but given up on finding a vitamin that was gluten free and tasted good until I found Hakuna Matata Vitamins.And I never would have thought a child would look forward to taking something that is good for her. Every morning after she gets her vitamin she goes to a calendar in her room and puts an X on that day after she takes them. She loves the taste and looks forward to seeing what animal shape she'll get. Her favorite is the lion I have tasted the vitamin to see why she likes them - they really are good. I like the fact that there are fruits and vegetables included in the ingredients. I love the fact that my child looks forward to taking something that is good for her. I will be recommending these vitamins to everyone I know that has children.

Tarin Scarff, Pittsburgh, PA

Hakuna Matata vitamins have been a fantastic find for me. I have a six-year-old son Jake who has several food allergies and has been unable to take any children's vitamin that I had tried until a friend told me about Hakuna Matata vitamins. Because Hakuna Matata contains no artificial ingredients he is able to take them every day with no allergic reactions. I would recommend Hakuna Matata to every mother who worries that her child is not getting the highest quality vitamin available.

Lauren Hucic, Pittsburgh, PA

My 4-year-old son Dylan is a very picky eater and we were worried that he was not getting the proper amounts of vitamins and minerals he needed for healthy growth. He was also getting an abnormal amount of colds and ear infections during the past winters. Since he started taking Hakuna Matata vitamins the number of colds and ear infections has dropped dramatically, and he has more energy. Every child should take these wonderful vitamins. I don't even have to remind him to take his vitamins he takes them by himself.

Jennifer Koutsoheras, Yigo, Guam

This letter is for anyone interested in the Hakuna Matata vitamins. I am a huge fan, and so are my three children. Our story started three years ago in Illinois. My mother-in-law was visiting, and had run out of one of her dietary supplements. After calling around, we found someone in the area who carried what she needed. While we were there, I saw the Hakuna Matata vitamins and checked them out. I was very impressed by the nutritional information, and decided to give them a try. I cannot say enough good words about the Hakuna Matata vitamins. My three children love them! I told my friends about the vitamins, and whenever I went to pick up more, there were none on the shelf! They became very popular. I had to call ahead and ask the receptionist to set some aside for me. Last year my family and I moved to Guam. The produce is not always good, and there are often times when fruits, vegetables and even milk is not available in the grocery store. I could find no other vitamin supplement that I found to meet the expectations I had after having had Hakuna Matata vitamins. After a year of checking, I found to my delight that the web site was up and running. Guam was not listed in the drop down menu for delivery destinations. I kept my fingers crossed, sent an e-mail with my request, and was very excited to hear that they were willing to ship the vitamins to me! In the past year, my kids have asked "are we ever going to have those yummy animal vitamins again"? Now we are all anxiously awaiting our "box" of vitamins to arrive. Not only do they provide excellent nutritional support, they taste super. I have even ordered enough so that I can take them too. It feels good to take care of our children and ourselves. I think these are the best vitamins ever, and I urge you to give them a try.

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